Installing the Ansible Playbook Bundle CLI Using Homebrew

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An Ansible Playbook Bundle is a lightweight application definition that utilizes a short-lived container to choreograph the deployment of applications. By leveraging the power of the Ansible configuration management tool within the Open Service Broker API specification, it has never been easier to orchestrate even the most complex application. For developers looking to make use of this framework, a command line tool called apb is available to facilitate the creation, building and publishing of Ansible Playbook Bundles. The tool can be installed from an rpm package, built from source, or even run within a container itself.

A challenge presents itself for developers who are striving to jump right into APB development, but may be on an Operating System that either does not support rpm packages, or do not want to install an extra set of tools to build the application from source. For those running OSX, Homebrew has become the defacto package manager akin to yum for certain Linux distributions. Installing software packages which, previously proved to be a challenge, can be accomplished with a simple command, like brew install node. Now, developers can take advantage of the ease of use and wide adoption of Homebrew to install the apb CLI!

First, ensure Homebrew is installed on the local machine. Full instructions can be found at the Homebrew website.

Within Homebrew, software packages are organized into Formulas. The majority of the packages that most users leverage are in the core set of formulas. However, formulas can exist outside of the core and be referenced from external sources, known as Taps. apb resides as a formula that is brought into Homebrew on a machine using a tap.


Add the tap containing the apb formula:

brew tap sabre1041/openshift

With the tap installed, install the apb CLI:

brew install apb

After the process completes, the tool will be installed.

To verify the installation, execute the following command:

apb version

If a response was returned, the installation of the apb CLI was successful.

With only a few short commands, developers of Ansible Playbook Bundles within the OSX ecosystem can quickly begin to create powerful applications.

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  1. 1 Wolfgang said at 8:37 am on April 21st, 2018:

    Or you could do ‘sudo pip install apb’

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