Hands on Labs at Red Hat Summit 2018

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Red Hat Summit once again returns to the city by the bay, San Francisco, California, the week of May 7th. Not only is the event returning to Silicon Valley, but I will be reprising my role as hands on lab magician to offer Red Hat Summit attendees with the opportunity to take advantage of some of the latest and greatest technology available. Last year, I had the fortune of working with two of the smartest groups of individuals to develop and deliver labs focused of two hot topics in the industry: The installation and management of the OpenShift Container Platform along with the Internet of Things (IoT). This year, an entire new set of labs have been developed to demonstrate new and exciting ways to utilize the technology.

Develop IoT solutions with containers and serverless patterns

Tuesday is the first full day of Red Hat Summit and Ishu Verma (@IoT_Ishu), Technical Marketing Manager for IoT solutions at Red Hat and I showcase how the Internet of Things can be applied to one of the hottest trends in the industry: serverless technologies. In this session, attendees will be introduced to the principles along with the benefits of serverless technology and deploy Apache OpenWhisk on top of the OpenShift Container Platform. Once deployed, a variety of OpenWhisk concepts and patterns will be leveraged to demonstrate how metrics sent from IoT devices can best be utilized. These patterns include the basics of OpenWhisk tasks, such as creating actions, triggers and rules, along with methods for ingesting IoT data onto the platform. This session is ideal for anyone interested in working with serverless technologies on an open platform using real world IoT use cases.

Date: Tuesday May 8
Time: 4:00pm-6:00pm
Location: Moscone South – Room 158
Session Link: https://agenda.summit.redhat.com/SessionDetail.aspx?id=153502

Managing your OpenShift cluster from installation and beyond

In this session, Scott Collier (@collier_s), Vinny Valdez (@VinnyValdez) and Brett Thurber (LinkedIn) from Red Hat and myself will not only showcase how to install the OpenShift Container Platform using automation tools such as Ansible and Ansible Tower, but we will cover key “day two operations” concepts that ensure that the entire OpenShift Container Platform ecosystem remains healthy. This includes leveraging the Prometheus ecosystem of services to monitor the platform along with visualization support using Grafana. In addition, attendees will learn how to build their own Ansible Playbook Bundles to deploy an application that plays an integral part in managing the lifecycle of cluster management events. You do not want to miss this session!

Date: Thursday May 9
Time: 4:00pm-6:00pm
Location:Moscone South – Room 157
Session Link: https://agenda.summit.redhat.com/SessionDetail.aspx?id=154276