Business Process Management using jBPM – Part II

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Comparing jBPM3 and jBPM5

As we have introduced numerous concepts throughout this post, we have taken time to reference their place in the jBPM3 world. The table below allows for a quick recap:

ProcessDefinition (.xml) Business Process (.bpmn)
ProcessInstance ProcessInstance
Task User Task
Fork Diverging Gateway
Join Converging Gateway
Node Script Task
ESB Node Service Task

Running the Sample Application

A JUnit test case has been provided in the file Jbpm5WorkflowTestIT for testing this jBPM5 workflow. It demonstrates how to include a BPMN process into a StatefulKnowledgeSession, setting process variables, and kicking off a new process instance. In addition, the programmatic configuration of a work item handler is included (but commented out) in the event we did not define our work handler in a configuration file as described earlier.

jBPM5 Unit Test

Running this unit test out without any modification to the test itself should result in an email being sent to the email address configured within the workflow with a result of the workflow execution and the following message printed to the console.
jBPM5 Unit Test
To have the workflow generate a random user and amount for an order, feel free to comment out lines 32 and 33.

We have introduced some of the core components of jBPM5 as how it functions in the BRMS world. We have also taken time to compare these features to its predecessor jBPM3 from the SOA world. It is the hope that the introduction of these two technologies demonstrates how jBPM fits into the Business Process Management ecosystem.

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