Minishift and the Enterprise

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MinishiftThe Enterprise and the downstream Red Hat Container Development Kit (CDK) gives users the power of running a cloud environment backed by the OpenShift Container Platform on their local machines. It not only gives operations focused individuals the ability to test out features to better understand the platform, but also accelerates developers’ ability to produce world-class software that can thrive within cloud environments. However, their experiences working with the tool can vary greatly depending on the environment they are operating within. For those who happen to work within an enterprise setting, their experience may be fraught with pitfalls and perils. Access restrictions, policies and limitations are the norm. Even the most simplistic task can be a challenge.

To showcase how to overcome common challenges experienced by users running Minishift in a constrained setting, I will demonstrate how to resolve barriers such as proxy servers and offline image registries in a series titled “Minishift and the Enterprise”.

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